Repetition, repetition, repetition

This is going to be a short one.

Dear reader,

We all have problems. We all have situations and issues which are repeating over and over and over. Is it easy to deal with them? Well, it depends. But on what?


In the past, over 10 years ago I was a dancer. A dance teacher, a competitive dancer. I was also a singer and an theater actor.

Occasionally, I had live performances. Some were in front of several people and some in front of thousand people. It was amazing!!!

The only thing that helped me not mess up when being on the stage was ROUTINE.

Ok, but what is a routine?

A routine is when you get yourself in front of the mirror, breathe slow, hear the starting tune and GO!

Over and over and over and over AGAIN!

And then, one last time…

And when the time comes, when the crowd is applauding, when you go on the stage, take a stand, get yourself together. Breathe in… hear the audience getting more and more silent. Breathe in one more time and let your trained mind and body move you all over the stage…

Think about it…

Work is a routine. Your co-workers are your teammates and your clients are the crowd. When you go on the stage…just breathe and do what you have trained for all this time.

Have a good one!